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Your financial involvement helps us in our endeavors to push this movement of “HOPEx: Hope Multiplied”; through media, recorded albums, and live performances – all for the purpose of furthering our mission: to uplift, strengthen and be an advocate of healing and healthy self-assurance for the mind, body and soul through music.

For over three years, The Healed Project has had the humbling opportunity of creating a musical platform designed to promote HOPE.

This inspirational movement – described as “a narrative recitation of those who have survived” – infuses sound, art, texture, and melodies to uplift and empower the human spirit.  THP’s sole purpose is to create and share music that betters the emotional state of man.  The key moments and undeniable transformations of this movement cause both cast and supporters of THP to become advocates of healing and healthy self-assurance for the mind, body, and soul.

In continuing this effort, we are proud to announce our first tour! Kicking off in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 19, 2018. The Healed Project will inspire and ignite attendees of the “HOPEx: Hope Multiplied” tour.  The concert will feature performances of current material as well as songs from our highly-anticipated, upcoming album, “Hopex: Hope Multiplied”.

As in times past, THP concerts offer a memorable experience and leave lasting impressions in which we have numerous testimonials from people far and wide that our music has inspired, healed and motivated them to live. We look to continue this inspiration through our 2018 tour.  We are creating a space for healing music and hope to erupt across the cities of our dedicated fans and online followers.

In building upon this, we are seeking financial support to partner with the efforts of our movement and to assist us in producing stellar events.  With your great donation(s), we will be able to reach a broader audience and help spread our advocacy for healing, love, hope, and freedom.  For your consideration, this packet provides specific tour information detailing the scope of our collaboration.

Words truly can’t express our gratitude.  We look forward to you joining us in this much-needed partnership!

 Tyrese S. Thomas,
Writer / Creative Director / Founder
The Healed Project


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