THE HEALED PROJECT (THP) is an inspirational movement described as “a narrative recitation of one who has survived”. This movement was created three years ago by Songwriter and Director Tyrese S. Thomas. THP infuses sound, art, texture and melodies to uplift and empower. Thomas’ sole purpose is to create music that betters the human condition and emotional state of man. While uplifting, strengthening and being an advocate of healing and healthy self-assurance for the mind, body and soul.

In February 2015, THE HEALED PROJECT (THP) released its’ first single entitled, “Your Love”, an infectious contemporary inspirational ballad that soulfully transcends an urban easy listening undertone.

In November 2015, THP released a full EP project entitled, “Fraction, A Piece of Hope”.  The title “Fraction” represents only a fragment of the music that visionary Tyrese S. Thomas planned to share with others. This project was joined by several indie artists from around the Tri-State area. Fraction included (4) professionally recorded songs; all compiled and composed by songwriter Thomas.

Thomas’s own past challenges and life experiences strongly influence his songwriting.  Nonetheless, hearing the struggles and victories of others also remains a major inspiration in Thomas’ lyrical penmanship.  Through THP, his mission is to share and promote healing, love, bravery, and the tenacity of an overcomer. He adds, “I write lyrics, create videos and feature concerts that will directly speak to this cause.”

The time has finally come for the release of The Healed Project’s highly-anticipated project, entitled “Hopex: Hope Multiplied”. Set to release in May 2018. This 8-track album will display the multi-genre and creative musical ability of Thomas, as well as the 6 talented vocalists who accompany him.

Listeners will experience a bit of soul, rock, classical, and alternative musical influences. Thomas states, “It is so important for me to create music that will last by way of its’ lyrics and its musical arrangement. I aim to strike an emotional chord with listeners alike”.